Novasonar Boxer 100-2


The Novasonar Boxer 100-2 Subwoofer is especially designed for drywall installations that always demand the performance of a vibration-free design.

This subwoofer loudspeaker constructed for direct integration in the drywall comprises, on the front, a commercial gypsum plaster board and, on the back, a stable multiplex housing, in which the loudspeaker chassis are mounted.

The Novasonar Boxer 100-2 is the ideal subwoofer extension for all Novasonar flat-panel loudspeakers. It can be directly screwed to the substructure of the drywalls or ceilings without any difficulties and without any additional retaining brackets, and can then be smoothed flush with it.

The special ML Boxer technology means there are almost no vibrations on the loudspeaker housing. It is therefore not necessary to decouple the loudspeaker from the drywall construction because of distracting structure-borne vibrations.

The sound outlet in the form of a very narrow slot is located on the periphery of the loudspeaker front and can thus be positioned unobtrusively just above the skirting board or on the ceiling edge.

Download the complete datasheet here. MlAudio - Novasonar
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